The 17th AISC Conference will focus on this topic, discussing the possibility of a “post-neuroscience” future for cognitive science, bringing into discussion ideas from neuroscience itself, cognitive neuroscience, artificial intelligence, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, among other relevant Cognitive Science subfields.

Topics of interest
We accept submission in all topics related to cognitive science including (but not limited to):
– 4E cognition
– artificial intelligence and cognition
– cognitive architecture
– cognitive modeling
– cognitive neuroscience
– cognitive psychology
– cognitive robotics
– computational linguistics
– deep neural models
– embodied and grounded cognition
– epistemology
– ethics of artificial intelligence and robotics
– history of cognitive science
– natural and artificial consciousness
– neuroethics
– neurolinguistics
– philosophy of cognitive science
– philosophy of language
– philosophy of mind
– philosophy of neuroscience
– philosophy of health and medicine
– psycholinguistics
– social cognition

We cordially invite researchers to submit papers of proposals for symposia through EasyChair at:
Paper submission requires a short abstract of no more then 500 words.

Submissions for symposia should include:
– description of the proposed symposium with no more then 1500 words
– list of the participants
– number of hours required

Abstracts should be written in English.
Please note that the format of uploaded files should be PDF.
Paper presentations should not exceed a length of 20 minutes including discussion.


AISC: Giulia Andrighetto (
Local Organization: Chiara Lucifora (

17th Conference of the Italian Association for Cognitive Science – Noto (SR) Italy, 13-15 December 2021.