Guido Caccialupi
Is There Anything more than Visual-Perception and Beliefs? The Motor Root of Predictive Mind

Ines Adornetti, Alessandra Chiera, Daniela Altavilla, Valentina Deriu, Andrea Marini, Rita Magni, Giovanni Valeri and Francesco Ferretti
Cognitive underpinnings of written and visual narratives processing in children with typical development

Marco Fasoli and Marco Viola
Artifactual multifunctionality and functional regulation

Alessandro Bogani, Katya Tentori, Donatella Ferrante and Stefania Pighin 
To what extent does counterfactual thinking prepare us for the future?

Daniela Altavilla, Ines Adornetti, Alessandra Chiera, Valentina Deriu, Alessandro Acciai and Francesco Ferretti
How introspective self-narrative modulates affective empathy: An event-related potentials (ERPs) pilot study

Alberto Parola, Jessica Mary Lin and Riccardo Fusaroli
Speech disorders in schizophrenia: a meta-analysis of natural language processing (NLP) measures of coherence

Eleonora Ceccaldi and Gualtiero Volpe
CEST: a semi-automatic technique for behavior segmentation

Arianna Boldi and Amon Rapp
Organizational behaviours in online virtual gaming environments: a digital ethnography

Dize Hilviu, Ilaria Gabbatore, Federico Frau, Ilaria Traetta, Andrea Marini and Francesca M. Bosco
Narrative assessment following the Cognitive-Pragmatic Treatment in adolescents with ASD

Edoardo Fugali
A Husserlian Framework for Embodied Cognitive Science

Chiara Lucifora, Giorgio Mario Grasso, Pietro Perconti and Alessio Plebe
The study of morality in AVs: An ecological paradigm in Virtual Reality

Lorenzo Buscicchi
Experience Machine: An Experimental Philosophy’s Success Story

Arianna Pavone
The Question of Values From Science to Artificial Intelligence

Mariela Destéfano
Job Description Challenge and the Neurobiology of Memory

Federico Cassioli and Michela Balconi
Aftermath of EEG in the organization: pragmatical and ethical implications

Elisabetta Lalumera and Maria Cristina Amoretti
Evidence based or cognitively biased: The case of the failure of Astrazeneca Covid-19 Vaccine

Camilla Colombo, Martina Fanghella, Francesco Guala, Corrado Sinigaglia and Maria Teresa Pascarelli
The Role of Motor Information and Rational Thinking in Interpersonal Coordination

Antonella Tramacere
Has the evolutionary study of the mind reached an impasse?

Antonella Tramacere
Narratives, mirror and the experience of self-disliking

Vilius Dranseika
Beginning and Ceasing to Exist, Death and ‘What We Are?’: An Empirical Study

Davide Serpico
Specificity and Generality in Biological and Artificial Intelligence

Nagarjuna G and Durgaprasad Karnam
Title: Grounding syntax in haltable action patterns of a sensory-motor-network

J.P. Grodniewicz
Belief revision in psychotherapy

Gabriele Ferretti
Affordances? No more, please!

Stefana Garello
Proposition Theories or Image Theories? Towards a unified account of metaphor

Francesco Bianchini and Antonella Tramacere
Temporal illusion in natural and artificial minds: challenges and opportunities

Veronica D’Alesio
Understanding eye-tracking and its ties to cognition: An overview

Amir Horowitz
Selective scientific realism and intentional irrealism

Paweł Zięba
The silence of the senses and unconscious perceptual judgment

Roberto Graci

Eugenia Polizzi, Piergiorgio Castioni, Riccardo Gallotti, Giulia Andrighetto and Manlio De Domenico
The voice of few, the opinions of many: how social media favours misperceptions in fake news sharing

Stefania Moretti, Fabio Vannucci, Maria Cristina Amoretti and Alessandra Sciutti
Observing a humanoid robot that nod and shake its head: effects on evaluation and memory

Matteo Baggio and Leonardo Flamini
Unifying Understanding

Carmelo Vicario
Motorcortical tongue area: a new brain target for the treatment of addiction through non-invasive brain stimulation?

Davide Coraci and Gustavo Cevolani
Confirming Neuroscientific Hypotheses: the Case of Reverse Inference

Anna Re, Pietro Perconti, Sonia Malvica and Emanuele Castano
Did You Hear Your Action? An Ecological Approach to the Senses of Ownership and Agency

Eva Vriens, Luca Tummolini and Giulia Andrighetto
Alleviating pluralistic ignorance to decrease vaccine hesitancy

Sonia Malvica, Sebastiano Nucera and Carmelo Maria Porto
Do I Need People? The Destination Photography as Scenario of the Engaged Tourist

Gesualdo La Porta
Qualia as emotional signatures for navigational maps: a Cognitive and Evolutionistic Configuration of Subjective Experience

Lucia Guerrisi
Neural synchronicity in the experience of somatic countertransference

Fabrizia Pasciuto
Gender attribution in conceptualizing robots

Giacomo Zanotti
Consciousness unexplained

Diana Mazzarella and Edoardo Vaccargiu
Verbal interpretation: a matter of mind-reading?

Pierluigi Serra
Integration and functional gain: how cognition extends

Javad Darvish Aghajani
Cognitive Science of Religion and Reformed Epistemology, apparent similarities and profound differences

Aldo Gangemi, Ludovica Marinucci and Claudia Mazzuca
An interdisciplinary investigation to a fine-grained analysis of free-associates with the Italian concept for gender

Riccardo Baracco
Alternative evoluzionistiche alla Spiritual Neuroscience: la Scienza Cognitiva della Religione

Lorenzo Teresi, Guido Caccialupi, Giacomo Handjaras and Emiliano Ricciardi
For a Systematics of Action Taxonomies

Stefano De Giorgis and Aldo Gangemi
Making Image Schema Logic viable for Empirical Cognitive Robotics

Dato Abashidze, Dagmar Bittner and Natalia Gagarina
Ambiguous pronoun processing in younger and middle-aged speakers: evidence from eye-tracking

Fabrizio Calzavarini and Gustavo Cevolani
Abductive Reasoning in Cognitive Neuroscience: Weak and Strong Reverse Inference

Daniele Valentini
Smartphones: Social and mind-shaping superartifacts

Andrea Velardi
The issue of amodal and multimodal representations in the embodied cognition framework. A proposal for a post-neuroscience framework.

Stefano De Giorgis and Aldo Gangemi
Exuviae: a conceptual exoskeleton for formal epistemological comparison.

Melania Scorrano
Investigating digital-art: a proposal for neuroesthetics

Roberta Rocca
Neuroscout: a new platform for naturalistic cognitive neuroscience research


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17th Conference of the Italian Association for Cognitive Science – Noto (SR) Italy, 13-15 December 2021.